2020 – AR experiment

Panama is the Museum

2019 – Permanent Interactive Installation for Biomuseo

Brain-Computer Interfaces

2018 – Essay written for Core77

Museum of the Future

2014 to 2017 – Exhibition Series for the Dubai Government

Moral Machine

2017 – Interactive installation for World Economic Forum



2015 to now – Hands-on classes at design and tech intersection 

Imagination Machine

2015 – Interactive installation for S7 Airlines campaign

Client work under NDA

As Interaction Designer and consultant, I have worked for companies worldwide. The below include some of the clients for which I envisioned and prototyped products, explored new interaction paradigms and visualised and made tangible future visions.


Design Director based in Oakland CA.
Background in Industrial and Interaction Design.

I love to explore ideas, materials, technologies. Something I do more targeted as part of my professional work, and more freely and aimlessly in my personal time. I find that both practices greatly influence and inspire one another. Some impressions of more and less aimless explorations in the video below.


Work Experience 
Experience Design
2021 - now

Independent Design Director
Clients include Apple, Ikea, Brown University, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Tandem Diabetes Technology
2020 - 2021

Design Director
2018 - 2020 

Lead Designer
2016 - 2018

Senior Designer
2014 - 2016

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Visiting Faculty
2014 - now

Interaction Design Consultant

Mediamatic, Amsterdam
Exhibition Designer

Junior Designer
2010 - 2011

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Interaction Design Program
Master level, 2013

Eindhoven University of Technology
Industrial Design
Bachelor of Science, 2010

Japanese Tea Table
2019       Muse Award

Museum of the Future
2017       UX awards
2017       Core 77 –Interaction
2016       Innovation by Design awards
2015       HOW design awards
2015       Core 77 –Speculative Concept

S7 Imagination Machine
2015       Interaction Awards –Engaging
2015       Adobe Cutting Edge
2015       Project Isaac Award
2015       Eubea
2015       Cannes Lion
2015       Core 77 –Interaction

2019       “Fear stories not tech”, CIID, Costa Rica

2019       “Fear stories not tech”, MU, Netherlands

2018       “Experientce Prototyping”, DT Camp, Moscow

2019       Interactive Spaces, CIID Summer, Costa Rica

2019       Programming for Designers, Toyota, California

2019       Interactive Spaces, CIID Summer, Copenhagen

2018       Future of Retail, DT Camp, Moscow

2018       Interactive Spaces, CIID Summer, Copenhagen

2016       Experimental Imaging, CIID, Copenhagen

2014       Digital Fabrication, CIID, Copenhagen

zazazuilhof [at]