Year      2020 
Role      Head Experimenter

Experiment with gesture recognition and AR overlays for video calls.
When you want to quickly say ‘yes, agree!’, clap at the end of an amazing presentation or express how cool the thing is someone is talking about, without being noisy and without spending an awkward minute looking for the unmute button.

Give some love and applause. The purple overlay helps it stand out and make it nicely visible in a screen full of tiny tiles too!

Sometimes when I am giving a presentation, it feels like I am talking in a void. The unspoken rule is that everyone else mutes, for best audio quality. With this silent WOW I hope to give other speakers some sense of connection and encouraging feedback while they’re talking.

Behind the Scenes
This was a fun side project that I made using Snap Camera’s AR lens studio, for integration with various video conferencing softwares, and Looom, to draw the animation loops.

Testing integration of animations with facial expression recognition and face tracking
Augmented Reality
In my work with museums and other social interactive environments, I have been avoiding any kind of AR that depends on the mediation of devices. Instead I focussed on exploring augmentation of environments with layers of sound and projection that can be experienced more naturally when present in a physical space together.
Being temporarily forced into a more digital universe and having all sorts of interactions that didn’t used to funneled through our devices, was a great excuse to play with this medium a bit more.

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