Stuur naar Avontuur

STUUR NAAR AVONTUUR (literally: the wheel to adventure) is an interactive storytelling environment. Central to the installation is a vehicle that children can change into a car, boat, airplane, or any other vehicle they come up with, using soft building blocks. The steering wheel allows them to travel between different worlds that are projected on both floor and wall. In each world there are surprises waiting to be explored in form of interactive animations.

This project was part of my bachelor Industrial Design at the Technical University of Technology in Eindhoven. The project is the outcome of a six week process starting starting with the notion of an interactive storytelling environment. Through close collaboration with children, we managed to arrive at our final result.

Early prototype of the vehicle to understand the dimensions.

Date: 2009
Role: Designed together with Gijs Houdijk, Rico Minten, Sarike van Wijgerden