RUILEN (swapping) was Mediamatic's 2012 fall exhibition. Right in the middle of the financial crisis we decided to give attention to this ancient way of sharing goods. We turned an old factory into a swapping market for a period of three months. You could swap anything from goods and services to art and thoughts.

Visitors would bring in items that would be tagged with RFID labels before they were added to the shop. A picture of the visitor with the item would be stored in a database and a link would be created on the website. When someone would choose to swap their item for another in the exhibition they would check out the item. A picture of the new owner with the item would automatically be shared with the previous owner.

In this project I have been part of the team that worked on the exhibition design and layout. And in the last weeks I managed the construction onsite.

Every weekend special events were held. In this particular event everyone came to swap red things.

A visitor checking in an item. A picture of her with the item is automatically taken and stored in the database. When another visitor will pick and check out her shoes an image of this new owner will be shared with her.