KWERKIES are unique characters that communicate through taps and claps. A language that we can easily understand and mimic. The behaviour of each character defines how it responds to the sounds.

KWERKIES are designed for children of the ages 4-5 as they are at the stage of exploring cause and effect. Clapping to make a character move is a very magical, though graspable relation. This allows to explore more complex behaviours that emerge when multiple characters come together. Kwerkies will not only respond to your sounds, but also to the sounds that other kwerkies produce. The children can play with those relations and build stories around the characters' behaviour.

KWERKIES are the outcome of an exploration into Networked Toys, my Graduation Project at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

Making the final models for kwerkies. Each of the kwerkies took about one day of production.

Laser cut file for the early iteration of kwerkies

Play-testing kwerkies with children.

First sketch of the kwerkies concept. Used to find participants for play-testing.

Date: October to December 2013